Measure Your Subscription Growth: Your HelixPay Dashboard

HelixPay Analytics Dashboard

Grow your business further with HelixPay Analytics! HelixPay provides each merchant with a powerful dashboard for your subscription business. Not only does this data help you review past performance, but it also enables you to forecast the demand for upcoming months based on the recent demand for the products you offer. The HelixPay Analytics dashboard gives you powerful information to help you grow your business!

Now, let’s dive deeper into the analytics that your team can see in the dashboard and how you can utilize them to your advantage.

  1. Total Monthly Revenues

The total monthly revenues allows you to see how your business is growing month to month. Noticing any spikes or unusual dips can help you track successful growth initiatives or notice areas for improvement.

2. Monthly Revenues per Service

Taking a closer look at the total monthly revenues, the monthly revenues per service enables your business to determine how much each product and service contributes to each month’s revenue. From here, your business can gauge the best sellers, which could lead to insights on marketing strategies or ideas for additional similar products to offer. If there are products/services with lower revenue shares, you may want to consider changing the prices or product offering, or maybe it just needs a bigger marketing push.

3. Total Monthly Subscribers

The total monthly subscribers measures the number of subscribers your business has for the month. Growing your subscribers is the main driver of your business. Tracking the increases or decreases in total subscribers can give really important insights into the health and growth of your business. As much as possible, we would want to retain our new and existing customers to gain a higher customer lifetime value.

4. Monthly Subscribers per Service

The monthly subscribers per service gives your business a view of how many subscribers avail a certain product or service. Similar to the Monthly Revenues per Service chart, this chart allows your business to forecast the demand for upcoming months by reviewing the trends and patterns seen in these charts.

5. Average Subscription Value

The average subscription value per month shows the average order value per subscriber per month in Philippine pesos. This metric allows your business to know how much revenue each subscriber brings to your business. Some customers have bigger orders, some have smaller orders, and this metric provides a simple overall average for your business.

HelixPay Analytics provides very helpful data insights that can help you better understand and grow your business. Now, it’s your turn to utilize these to empower your business to captivate more subscribers and revenue in the long run.

Don’t have a subscription payment model yet? Message us and let’s make subscription happen.



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